IT Funk - IT for funksjonshemmede

IT Funk has been The Norwegian Research Council's RTD-programme on ICT for people with disability.

Universal design and accessibility for all. The purpose of IT Funk has been to contribute to accessibility for all, including persons with disability, to information and communication technology (ICT) and to society through the use of ICT. ICT-based products and services developed for the general market must be accessible and useful for everyone at reasonable prices. IT Funk has paid special attention to areas where accessibility issues impact on a person's life chances, such as education, employment and basic services to citizens.

IT Funks nyhetsbrev
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PIA: Personal (IADL) Assistant

Project acronym: PIA

Partners (8): Karde AS, Norway, Tellu AS, Norway, Asker municipality, Norway, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, University of Ulster, UK, The Accord Group, UK, Sticky World Ltd., UK and Berliner Institute for Social Research, Germany.

Project coordinator (joint project): Riitta Hellman, Karde AS, Norway.

Project manager Norway: Riitta Hellman, Karde AS, Norway.

Primary objective: The aim of the PIA project is to develop an assistive technology (AT) to support Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) through delivery of short video clips on a tablet PC.

Secondary objectives: 1) Development of a new IADL framework and web-based tool which connects the established IADL scale to use of assistive technologies in the home. 2) Implementation of a laboratory demonstration home with all required technology working together. 3) Develop effective, innovative and reusable video clip templates and user instructions for secondary end-users. 4) Secure two reviews or similar media coverage in newspapers, net-based columns etc. in each participating countries. 5) Produce 10 contributions at international seminars etc. focusing on ICTs technologies.

Project summary: Support older adults to manage Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) to prolong independent living at home by using smart devices to support location- or object-relevant content delivery, e.g., video clips. Support formal and informal carers to produce, share and distribute care experience and knowledge content through social network and rich interactions. Provide personalized and intuitive user interfaces to secure accessibility for all, templates and tools to facilitate video clip production and deployment for carers and guidelines and supporting materials for PIA system deployment. The project's target groups are primary end-users, older adults living at home. End-users will participate throughout the project.

Project period: 2013 - 2015

Further information/website: (under construction)

National grant programme in Norway: Health and Care Services

This document was first published 09.12.2012, and updated 10.12.2012.

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