IT Funk - IT for funksjonshemmede

IT Funk has been The Norwegian Research Council's RTD-programme on ICT for people with disability.

Universal design and accessibility for all. The purpose of IT Funk has been to contribute to accessibility for all, including persons with disability, to information and communication technology (ICT) and to society through the use of ICT. ICT-based products and services developed for the general market must be accessible and useful for everyone at reasonable prices. IT Funk has paid special attention to areas where accessibility issues impact on a person's life chances, such as education, employment and basic services to citizens.

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CarerSupport: Integrated Platform for Informal Carers' Training, Teleconsulting and Collaboration

Project acronym: CarerSupport

Partners (8): Institute of Health and Society, University in Oslo (UiO), Norway, The 12-Municipality Collaboration in Vestfold, Norway, Maggioli SpA - CEDAF Division, Italy, Prolog GmbH, Switzerland, BluePoint IT, Romania, Ana Aslan International Foundation, Romania, COMARG - Communication & Marketing Agency, Switzerland and Compedia Ltd., Israel.

Project coordinator (joint project): Paolo Mattarelli, Maggioli SpA, Italy .

Project manager Norway: Anne Moen , UiO.

Primary objective: The CarerSupport project will integrate, deploy and test an integrated ICT platform enabling the participation and collaboration of informal carers and health professionals, providing social support, facilitating, learning, offer tele-consulting and opportunities for peer and professional support to the informal carers. The main goal of the project will be to knowledge transfer from experienced formal carers to the usually less experienced informal carers.

Project summary: There is no adequate support to informal carers who take on care for vulnerable persons, i.e. individuals who cannot function without the practical help of others. CarerSupport will provide

  • Training, learning and orientation programmes, including general-purpose training programmes and programmes that emphasize on the informal carers' digital skills.
  • Collaboration and tele-consulting services, where formal carers are available for consultation and question and answers.
  • Peer support services, aiming at alleviating the stress of informal carers, while at the same time providing them with social, psychological and emotional support.

Our blended-learning environment will enable us to fully leverage ICT based solutions for active ageing and social inclusion. The platform will include psychological support services, aiming at alleviating the stress of informal carers, while at the same time increasing their emotional support. Psychological services will be supported by the ICT platform of the CarerSupport project, through appropriate on-line gaming activities, on-line tips and advice, quizzes and educational activities, assisting them in planning and carrying out their tasks.

Project period: 2013 - 2016

Further information/website: (under construction)

National grant programme in Norway: Health and Care Services

This document was first published 09.12.2012, and updated 10.12.2012.

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