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IT Funk has been The Norwegian Research Council's RTD-programme on ICT for people with disability.

Universal design and accessibility for all. The purpose of IT Funk has been to contribute to accessibility for all, including persons with disability, to information and communication technology (ICT) and to society through the use of ICT. ICT-based products and services developed for the general market must be accessible and useful for everyone at reasonable prices. IT Funk has paid special attention to areas where accessibility issues impact on a person's life chances, such as education, employment and basic services to citizens.

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AAL-projects with Norwegian partners

The Ambient Assisted Living Joint programme (AAL JP) is a European research, development and innovation activity with 25 partner countries and co-funded by EC. The programme launches annual calls for proposals for innovative ICT-based solutions addressing identified wishes and needs of the end-users. For more information on AAL JP, go to

The IT Funk website presents projects with Norwegian partners in each call under the heading "AAL Projects" in the navigation menu.

Summary of all funded projects under AAL JP Call 1 and Call 2: aal-brochure-2010.pdf

2012: AAL JP Call 5

(Closed May 31, 2012, project start 2013)

Call topic: ICT-based solutions for (self-) Management of Daily Life Activities of Older Adults at Home

Projects with Norwegian partners:

  • eCH: eCare@home - daily life management and monitoring solution for elderly with mental disorders.
  • VictoryaHome: Victorya - a robot for integrated care@home and peace of mind carers.
  • PIA: Personal Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) Assistant.
  • CarerSupport: Integrated Platform for Informal Carers' Training, Teleconsulting and Collaboration.

2011: AAL JP Call 4

(closed June 30, 2011, project start 2012)

Call topic: ICT based solutions for Advancement of Older Person's Mobility

These are the two projects with Norwegian partners:

  • T&Tnet: Travel & Transport solutions through emotional-social NET-working
  • GameUp: Game-based mobility training and motivation of senior citizens.

2010: AAL JP Call 3

(closed July 30, 2010, project start 2011)

Call topic: ICT-based Solutions for Advancement of Older Persons' Independence and Participation in the "Self-Serve Society"

22 projects funded in total, of which 3 with Norwegian partners and coordinators:

  • Mylife: Home environment and related activities of daily living.
  • MobileSage: Situated adaptive guidance for the mobile elderly.
  • InclusionSociety: Improve usability of municipal health services and give elderly easy access to the self-serve society.

2009: AAL JP Call 2

(closed May 5, 2009, project start 2010)

Call topic: ICT-based Solutions for Advancement of Social Interaction of Elderly People

30 projects funded in total, of which 3 with Norwegian partners:

  • Co-Living: Virtual collaborative social living community for elderly.
  • Join-In: Senior citizens overcoming barriers by joining fun activities.
  • V2ME: Virtual coach reaches out to me.

2008: AAL JP Call 1

(closed August 21, 2008, project start 2009)

Call topic: ICT-based Solutions for Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions of Elderly People

23 projects funded in total, of which 4 with Norwegian partners (one as coordinator):

  • CAP MOUSE: Development of an oral interface for elderly and disabled persons.
  • IS-ACTIVE: Inertial sensing systems for advanced chronic condition monitoring and risk prevention.
  • A2E2: Adaptive ambient empowerment for the elderly.
  • REMOTE: Integrated and modular system for remote health and social care for elderly living in rural and isolated areas.

This document was first published 08.07.2009, and updated 29.08.2013.

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